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Our Policies FAQ   

In order to be a patient of our group or receive care in our offices, we ask you to understand and agree to follow these 3 critical and important rules.

1. Our staff cannot give the results of any test over the telephone, at any time.

There are 2 main reasons for this. First we must ensure the confidentiality of your medical information. This cannot be guaranteed by phone. Second, in certain cases, it is important for the doctor to reassess, or apprise you of your condition in order to ensure that both they and you have a full understanding of your problem. Only the doctor can properly answer your questions and ensure that you are aware of the relevance and significance of the results.

There is a famous saying in the medical profession: ‘Never treat a lab test.’ Often, people are surprised to learn that lab tests are not always 100% accurate. Furthermore, many patients don't realize that we perform certain tests only to support a diagnosis, not to make the diagnosis.

Additionally, it should be self-evident that certain tests are just too important not to review in person with a patient. Examples include: pap tests, mammograms, STD tests, including HIV and the many complex and interpretive tests that are ordered during the diagnostic process. The limitations of these tests when taken alone must be understood by patients. Tests that are ordered are only a part of the diagnostic process. Having read this information, can you imagine the doctor explaining all of this each time over the phone? It is not appropriate.

Being aware of this, the doctor will explain at the time the tests are taken, what, if any, follow-up is required. If the doctor does call you back in; it is because, in their medical judgment and with your best interests in mind, something about the patient or their case needs to be discussed, clarified, re-tested or reassessed in light of the information received.

2. We do not renew prescriptions over the phone.

We cannot renew any prescriptions by phone. It is both yours and the doctor’s responsibility to assess, at the time of your visit and based on your conditions and any other relevant personal circumstance, the appropriate quantities of medication to be dispensed as well as the appropriate follow-up interval.

This is the cornerstone of good prescribing practice. So please take a moment during each visit with the doctor to ensure that the quantity of medication is sufficient and that you understand why certain medications or conditions have to be monitored on a regular basis. You should also understand what is being monitored on those visits, and any signs or symptoms to look for or to report to the doctor.

For those patients on 3 or more ongoing medications, we also offer a Med-Check service where you can book an appointment with a pharmacist to review your medications, their effects, potential side effects, interactions, as well as ways to ensure they are taken properly so that you get the best possible results from the prescribed treatments, with a minimum of side effects. This can be booked online under ‘Services’ on our website. Each patient is entitled to 1 Med-Check per year if they are on 3 or more ongoing medications.

3. We do not prescribe narcotics to patients of other physicians.

Our doctors do not prescribe narcotics on an “Open Office Hours” basis. Nor do we keep addictive drugs in the Centers. People who use narcotics for medical reasons must get them from one family doctor only, and should only use one pharmacy for filling them. Doctors within our group do not prescribe narcotics to other doctor’s patients, even if that doctor is a member of our group. It is the patient and their doctors’ joint responsibility to plan ahead, ensuring that sufficient and appropriate amounts of narcotic medications are provided until the next assessment.


1. What are the call centre or clinic hours?

For your convenience, Appletree Central Booking answers phone calls:
Monday to Thursday: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Clinic hours very based on the schedule of the physician(s) practicing at that clinic. Some clinics are open as early as 7:00am, and others as late as 9:00pm. To check the open hours and wait times, updated every 15 minutes, click here.

2. Are any of your doctors taking on new patients?

Because all of our doctors are independent practitioners, some accept ongoing patients while others do not. It is up to the individual doctor to indicate if they are going to accept you as one of their ongoing patients or not.

There are two ways to see a doctor:

1) The best way to see a doctor if you are not feeling well is to check our wait-time tool and go to the most convenient location. In this way you will also have a chance to see one of the doctors and judge the level of care and service directly.

2) The alternative, if you do not have any current health concerns, is to request your annual check-up by calling 613-482-0118 (Ottawa) or 647-722-2370 (GTA), or on our Patient Portal.

Once you have then seen a doctor, you will be in a much better position to decide if that is the specific doctor you would like to see on a regular basis. However, even if you do not pick a particular doctor, or if the doctor you have seen is not currently accepting ongoing patients, the door is always open to you as a patient to see an Appletree doctor if you are feeling unwell and need medical care.

3. I would like an Appletree in my town.

Thank you for your interest. Our social mission is to increase access to medical care across the province. To do so, we can partner with the healthcare community in a number of ways. If there is a doctor who is interested in working with us to bring an Appletree to their town, please have them contact us directly. In the meantime, all patients are always welcome to see any of the Appletree doctors at any location we have currently, any time they are sick.

4. I would like to change or update my address, email address, and/or phone number.

Please call us at 613-482-0118 (Ottawa) or 647-722-2370 (GTA) to change your contact information. You can also update your contact information on your Patient Portal.

5. What is the cost of your uninsured services?

The Uninsured Services price list can be found here This list is also available at all Appletree clinics.

6. Where does Dr. X work on this date in the future?

This feature is already available for doctors who are accepting patients on our secure online Patient Portal. If your doctor is not accepting appointments currently, we provide their daily schedule on the Wait Timer. In the future, we will be providing monthly schedules on our Portal.

7. I would like a copy of my chart or test results.

If you would like a copy of a test result the easiest and fastest way to do so is to go to any Appletree, at any time, and check in to see any doctor. They can review the result with you and provide it to you. If you are unable to do so, or would like a full copy of your chart, please submit your request in writing via fax to 613-680-6420, or in person at any Appletree clinic. You will need to complete this form. Although the law states that Health Information Custodians (HICs) have 30 days to comply with written requests for personal health information, we do our best to provide the information as expeditiously as possible. Please note there may be a charge for photocopying. For a copy of your chart, a standard administrative fee of $45 applies.

8. Which doctors at Appletree speak French?

There are a number of doctors at Appletree who speak French. Those wishing to be identified as such are listed on our Wait Timer with the word .bilingual (French). beside their name. You can check our Wait Timer here.

9. Can I shadow, do an observership, or an elective at your clinic?

Appletree is a great place to practice! We welcome all enquiries from medical students and residents . please send your CV, desired timelines and desired physician or specialty, if applicable, to We will respond to you in two weeks.

10. Can I volunteer at your clinic?

We do offer fantastic experience in a clinical setting. We work with the local high schools in our community to provide volunteer opportunities through their Co-Operative Education Programs. If you are a high school student interested in this opportunity, please contact your Co-Operative Education teacher for guidance and information.

For other candidates, if you would like to apply to work with our group, a Medical Assistant role would likely give you the exposure you are looking for. Positions available are listed on the Staff section of our website. Good Luck!

11. I am doing a school/work research project and would like to ask you some questions.

We are approached regularly to partner on many worthy projects. Please send us the details of your project, including its purpose, your institution/field, and the timelines under which you are working, and we will reply within two weeks. Regrettably, due to the volume of requests received, we cannot accommodate all project requests.

12. I am offering a service or product I would like Appletree to know more about.

Please email the details of your proposal to and we will ensure it gets to the correct person. If they are interested, they will follow up with you directly.

13. I have a suggestion to improve your website and/or Patient Portal.

Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas! Please submit them to However, any ideas submitted may already be in development. Please therefore note that to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes, in submitting your idea, you agree that any ideas and/or submissions will become the property of Appletree Medical Group, without any compensation to you, and there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential.


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